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Everybody is now getting gaga where they can watch the Super Bowl Live Stream but here's some links that i gathered where i watched super bowl live streaming, Most of them are already trusted and seen by me eyes. Here's the links: Hope it will help you.

If you are having trouble about these sites please leave some comments here as i do research for me working links. Thanks!

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Exact Target will provide daily twitter updates

The New You are able to Leaders surfaced as the most tweeted group of Extremely Dish 46 today, according to international entertaining promotion company ExactTarget.

The Leaders were among the top five most tweeted Extremely Bowl-related subjects since 3 p.m. Thursday, credit rating more than 7,000 says on Twitter posts and becoming the only group to earn a spot in the top five Extremely Bowl-related subjects.

Powered by ExactTarget’s public networking management application SocialEngage in relationship with Twitter posts, ExactTarget determined more than 313,000 tweets relevant to the Extremely Dish from 3 p.m. Thursday to 3 p.m. Thursday – an improve of more than 150 percent over the past 24-hour interval.
The top five Extremely Bowl-related subjects on Twitter posts during the interval were:

“If early amounts are an indication, this is likely to be most culturally involved Extremely Dish in history,” said Scott Dorsey, ExactTarget co-founder and creator. “Working carefully with Twitter posts, we’ll offer day-to-day up-dates throughout the week as lovers from around the world become a member of the discussion on Twitter posts.”

ExactTarget will offer day-to-day up-dates at 5 p.m. Southern through Sunday presenting information into pre-game-related Twitter posts amounts and subjects. Get to watch the Super Bowl 2012 Live Stream this February 6, 2012.

About ExactTarget
ExactTarget is a major international company of e-mail promotion and cross-channel entertaining promotion software-as-a-service remedies that inspire companies of all sizes to convey with their customers through contact, mobile, public networking and websites. ExactTarget’s highly effective package of incorporated programs enable promoters to plan, improve, produce and boost data-driven entertaining promotion and real-time marketing communications to drive customer involvement, improve sales and improve return on promotion investment. For more information, visit

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